“This game was very creative and I’m drunk and I like it.”
— Beer and Board Games

What the heck is Cheer Up!?

Cheer Up! is the Ultimate Party Game. It takes a laughably short amount time to learn!


Step 1:

The dealer draws a Question card, and all other players draw answer cards that correspond to the letters at the top.


Step 2:

Players combine their answer cards to form ridiculous answers to the question.


Step 3:

The dealer then draws a Rule, which provides some absurd instructions for that round. Everyone reads their answers out loud while keeping the Rule in mind. Cue laughter.


That's it.

Here's how to get it.

Cheer Up! - Kickstarter Edition

500 cards and an instruction booklet packed into a nice box.

BONUS: Includes the NSFG(randma) expansion pack!

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“Simple but hilarious.”
— The Lifecast
“I have a permanent wheeze from laughing so hard.”
— Natalie, an unfortunate playtester

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