“This game was very creative and I’m drunk and I like it.”
— Beer and Board Games

What the heck is Cheer Up!?

Cheer Up! is the Ultimate Party Game. It takes a laughably short amount time to learn!


Step 1:

The dealer draws a Question card, and all other players draw answer cards that correspond to the letters at the top.


Step 2:

Players combine their answer cards to form ridiculous answers to the question.


Step 3:

The dealer then draws a Rule, which provides some absurd instructions for that round. Everyone reads their answers out loud while keeping the Rule in mind. Cue laughter.

Cheer Up! - Kickstarter Edition

500 cards and an instruction booklet packed into a nice box.

BONUS: Includes the NSFG(randma) expansion pack!

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“Simple, but hilarious.”
— The Lifecast
“I have a permanent wheeze from laughing so hard.”
— Natalie, an unfortunate playtester