Question Contest Semi-Finalists Announced!

It's time to announce the semi-finalists for our ongoing Question Contest!

In honor of exactly 97 days since the end of our Kickstarter (whatever that means) we've decided to sift through the entries we've received so far and pull out the best ones. We've seen dozens of entries and most people submitted more than one Question, so thank you for the participation! You all get a trophy.

This contest is not over - we will leave it open until the end of our next Kickstarter some time this year. Eventually, we will all get to vote to see which of the finalists gets their question and THEIR NAME is the final game, but for now, we've decided that all of the following people have automatically made it to the voting round.

First, Erik C. needs a date to prom:

My horny babysitter, A creepy college student, My divorced Uncle.

Leila S. wants us to read her mind:

A naked pile of men , Unexpected twins, Motherfuckin' pizza.

Justine D. is scared of the future:

Going to jail and trying to fit in, Peeing in public wearing only a bathrobe, Registering as a sex offender and then talking to kids about sex.

Robert D. submitted an obvious one I can't believe we didn't include:

A discount prostitute going above and beyond, A lubed-up idiot streaking, My overly-dramatic gynecologist being a silly goose.

Mikael H. needs some pointers:

The hungry hamster, The sticky choo-choo train, The sloppy banana.

And finally, Danny V. submitted so many entries that we couldn't just pick one. Here he is comparing sizes, prizes, and reliving a childhood trauma:

A foot-long hot dog, My out-of-control finger, My hairy meatball sub.

My penis and my vagina, My blow-up doll and a chicken nugget, My tissue and a booger.

An inbred pair of magicians, An unemployed clown, A drunk bachelorette.

Well...want in on this action?

Submissions are still open over on our contest page. Get YOURSELF in the game!