Question Contest WINNERS!

Our question contest finally ended in April, and then we pulled together all the finalists and let you guys vote on them. And DAMN did you come through!

Identities hidden...

Identities hidden...

Today we announce the winners that will be included in every Kickstarter copy of Cheer Up! In case you missed it, we decided to include the TOP 5 questions as voted by you guys. So here they are: your five winners (in no particular order)...

First up, Kristi L.

Next, Danny V.

Then we got Jeremy M.

Next up, Leila S.

Finally, Mikael sent one in that we will definitely be including in the NSFGrandma pack.

If you made it in, we'll be in touch to ask you how you'd like your name included on the cards. If not, we will definitely be doing this again for the next thing, so stay tuned!

Congrats to the winners!