Introducing... ARF(ED)!

Missed the first parts? Part 1 and Part 2 here!

Our 2nd bonus expansion included in the Big D pack will feature all things delicious (unless you’re a vegan - sorry!). It’s called Animals ‘R Food (Except Dogs), or ARF(ED). We, uh, let Niko name this one.

This pack is all about animals and food, and sometimes both at once! Once again, we get cards of all sorts!

New A cards!

Sweet, salty, and everything in between!

New B cards!

We’ve stuffed an entire zoo in here. Some of these make great soups.

New C cards!

All the things that animals do and all the ways your cooking can go wrong.

New D cards!

A food truck in the rainforest? A dog park at the aquarium?

New Questions!

Name your most famous dish! Maybe it’s Fully-cooked Beaver? Or warm meat? And of course, you can mix these in with cards you already have.

New Rules!

Get ready to boop some noses, people.


We have ONE MORE piece to show you, and we’ve definitely saved the best for last. Hide Grandma tomorrow.