Introducing... FE:TCH!

Missed part 1?

Yesterday we told you about the D cards, a new addition to Cheer Up! that will make the game ever crazier. Now it’s time to show you the true expansion packs to the game - these packs will contain new cards of every type - A, B, C, D, Q, and R - all built around a theme.

First up, we have the First Expansion: The Cheer Up! Holidays, or FE:TCH (yes, there will be dog puns. Bear with us).

It’s not just Christmas or Halloween - we combined all the holidays into this one. We’re willing to bet Cheer Up! Is now the only game in the world where you have to tell Santa you want a coffin while pretending to be a leprechaun. It’s kinda awesome.

New A Cards!

‘Tis the Season for some holly, jolly, spooky, and...Irish(?) adjectives to use in your game.

New B Cards!

“Hey, I can’t tell the difference between these words!” (*badum, tish!*)

New C Cards!

Discover the meaning of the season or carve up campers! It’s all up to you!

New D Cards!

Yup, we got themed D cards too. Take your answers all the way from a haunted house to the North Pole.

New Questions!

New questions go along nicely with your holiday romps. New features like “Fill-in-the-blanks” are also included here.

New Rules!

Completely new rules make some of the rounds even more involved! Hope you like smiling!

Mix Them Into The Main Game!

These cards can be mixed directly into your other card decks. We find that gives it the best variety and makes all the new cards really shine. Just like the NSFG pack from the main game, the cards will be marked on the front, so re-sorting them is easy!

But wait, there’s more!

See what else we got going on right here tomorrow!

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