Introducing... NSFG...2! (and a little FAQ)

Missed the earlier announcements? Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here!

Holy *beep* this is gonna be good. We’ve got some more bad words in this one. Hip slang, too.

Warning: the images on this page may be hazardous to your job security. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya.

New A Cards!

How did we forget about these the first time?

New B Cards!

We had a long internal conversation of whether to upgrade MILF to GILF.

New C Cards!

These are the funniest cards in the whole pack, according to our playtests and our own ears.

New D Cards!

Why did we right these?

New Questions!

Adding the D cards into the mix lets us have a lot of fun with the questions.

New Rules!

Are these stupid? Yup!

All Cards Are Marked!

Just like the prequel, all of the NSFG2 cards are marked as such on the front, so you can still remove them and play a PG-13 version if you’re boring.


Now that we’ve shown you everything that’s new, let’s answer a couple of questions you probably have right now.

The BIG D Pack FAQ:

So what exactly am I getting with the Big D Pack?

The package we are releasing is going to come with the D card pack (which contains some new questions and rules as well), plus ALL THREE of the new expansions - FE:TCH, ARF(ED), and NSFG2 - which contain new cards of every type. We figured you’re gonna want everything, so we just bundled it all together.

Here’s the proposed breakdown of cards:

What if I just want the dirty pack?

Too bad, you’re getting it all.

Geez. Four expansions in one? What’s this gonna cost me?

We’re anticipating the final size of the pack to be around ⅔ the size of the original game. So the price will actually be cheaper, at about $20*. We may be able to unlock bonuses during the campaign that will make the value even higher, like blank cards, exclusive backer-suggested cards, and bonus card packs.

Ok I’m in. When can I get it?

We are shooting for a SPRING 2019 Kickstarter date*. Since it’s an expansion, the delivery time should be a lot faster than last time, so we’re crossing fingers for a late 2019 release date*.

What if I want more copies of the original game?

We have a limited number of the original Kickstarter edition of Cheer Up! available now on Amazon and in person at conventions. We are expecting these to sell out by mid-2019, and once they are gone, they are completely gone, and will never be printed again.

BUT, we will also be printing a second edition of the main game, which you’ll be able to order in the Kickstarter as well. However, this edition’s box will look slightly different and will not include any of the Kickstarter exclusive cards from the first print (replaced with blank cards). During the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to choose which edition you want, until the first one sells out.

At this moment, all of the cards from the second print of the game are planned to look exactly the same. Meaning that the Big D pack will be able to be mixed in with whatever game version you have without issue.

OK, what’s next? Can we play the D cards now?


Over the next few months we’ll be showcasing our progress on the D pack and continuing to playtest it and perfect it. We have a few to-be-announced conventions before the Kickstarter launch in which you’ll be able to play all of the new cards with us, in Massachusetts and in Connecticut (our main haunts as of now!). For now, rest assured that we have a prototype rocking and rolling!

Sometime before the Kickstarter we hope to release a print and play of the new cards that you can download and print out and try yourself!

So that’s what we got so far. We have even more insane announcements that we can’t wait to share with you soon. In the meantime, keep Grandma away and have fun!

*like all details here, this is subject to change