We're One Years Old!

You did this.

It’s our release-date anniversary! That’s right, it’s been one year since Cheer Up! was released into the wild and we decided to celebrate the only way we know how: weirdly.

If you are on our mailing list, you may remember we had you jot down your favorite word for no reason. This started as a little joke just to catch people off guard, but then people started asking us what we were gonna do with them. At this point, we had thousands, so what better way to celebrate a year of Cheer Up! by giving back what you, the community, gave to us?

So we present to you, the fans, the World's Worst Word Cloud, created entirely with a list of your horrible words. Like in all word clouds, the more frequently a word appears on the list, the bigger it is in the cloud. Draw your own conclusions about yourselves there, but we had to censor, like, the entire center. (Click on the image for an enlarged version!)

It's been a crazy year so far. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • We attended dozens of conventions and events

  • We gave away almost $750 of prizes in our seasonal giveaways and at our events

  • Slept a couple times

  • And more importantly, a silly game that started as a little hobby has turned into a bona fide hit, almost selling out in the first year.

And here’s what’s coming up in the next year:

  • Way more events, and bigger ones too.

  • An expansion pack coming to Kickstarter

  • Continuing work on multiple new game prototypes, some of which you might get to play soon.

  • Maybe some more sleep

  • So much more

We couldn’t do this without you, so once again, THANK YOU!!