What's Changing in Cheer Up! 2nd Edition?

Hi! As you may have heard, the Kickstarter edition of Cheer Up! is almost sold out. We’ll be reprinting the game this summer, but we’ll be making a few changes. Here’s everything we’ve changed for this version!*

Kickstarter-Exclusive Answer Cards

Some of the backers from our original Kickstarter pledged to get their name in the game. As we said from the beginning, these cards will NOT be included in other versions of the game. These answer cards will be replaced with some of our favorite words that couldn’t fit into the game the first time.

Kickstarter-Exclusive Rules

Similarly, four backers suggested Rules that were also exclusive to version 1.0. We will be replacing three of these rules with extra copies of some fan favorites, like “Sing It!”, and the fourth with a brand new one that we’ve been playtesting for a while, “Joker.” This rule was originally intended for the D pack expansion (don’t worry, we have plenty more!).

Retired Cards

As we explained on social media today, we will be retiring a couple of cards that we feel no longer fit into the world of Cheer Up! You can see a more detailed reasoning on our post, but overall, these cards were rarely used anyway and are a little too dark for this silly game. Since these two cards were in the NSFG pack, we’ll be moving the following cards from the main C deck into their slots, as we felt that these probably deserve to be marked as NSFG anyway.

And finally, we’ll be filling THEIR original slots in the main deck with two perfectly capable new cards that couldn’t fit into the game the first time. Three cheers for your basic poop joke.

Question Contest Winners

During our first Kickstarter, we held a contest where the winners got to write some questions for the game. We will actually be keeping these cards in the game, but with the names removed form the cards to keep the look across all the Questions uniform. Since these were not marked as exclusive and not paid for by our backers, we feel this is the best way to do this while still incorporating these great cards. Special thanks for Jeremy M, Danny V, Kristi L, Leila S, and Mikael H for suggesting Questions that will be in future versions of the game to come!

Quality of Life Improvements

We’re also taking the time to make some practical changes that should make the game a little smoother.

First, we’ve changed some of the syntax of the A+A questions to sound more natural.

Secondly, we gave the rule book a complete facelift. We understand a lot of people are intimidated with walls of text, even with a rule book that is literally two pages. So now there are reference pictures breaking down every part of the round! This also conveniently serves are a quick reference, when you haven’t played in a while and need to remember which part happens when, and also a visual guide to the elements on the cards. The box has also been slightly updated to be a little more shelf-friendly too.

So overall, we’re replacing about 17 cards, and moving a couple around or changing some wording, but 97% of the game will be exactly the same. You’ll be able to play the 2nd Edition of the game the exact same way, so don’t worry about missing out on much if you only have the first edition. We wanted to make the Kickstarter version of the game special from the beginning so we will never be printing the replaced cards ever again. If you already have the game, currently the only way to get any of the NEW cards will be to get the second edition of Cheer Up!, but maybe we’ll release them in a little booster pack some day.

Let us know what you think of these changes! More news soon!