Behind The Scenes

Here's Your First Look At Cheer Up! 2nd Edition

We’re JUUST about sold out of the Kickstarter Edition of Cheer Up! But don’t worry, the 2nd Edition is almost here! In fact, we just received the post-production sample from the factory, and it looks great. We previously showed you all the card changes - now take a look at the new box!


We updated the box art to make the game a little more shelf-friendly by making the front more symmetrical, adding the tagline to the big sides, and adding the full game logo to the smaller sides. Here’s what the new edition looks like next to the original one (new one is on the left).


The back has also been significantly updated to show more gameplay (previously, we didn’t even show the rule cards, which is a big part of the game! Oops!). We want people who pick up the game at a store to know what it’s all about. Pardon the dust on the old one on the right - that’s our convention copy and it’s seen better days!


Finally, our rulebook has received the biggest facelift. The original one wasn’t much to look at since we were trying to maximize the space we had (only two pages), but this time we got really creative with the word economy and we were finally able to fit in some pictures!

Much better!

Much better!

That’s about it! Look for the 2nd Edition of Cheer Up! to drop this Fall! If you would still like to grab a copy of the original edition, your last chance ever will be at Boston FIG in September. More info here.