What the heck is Cheer Up!?

Cheer Up! is the Ultimate Party Game. It takes a laughably short amount time to learn!

Learn To Play.png

Step 1:

The dealer draws a Question card, and all other players draw a bunch of answer cards that correspond to the letters at the top (specifically, two of each letter).


Step 2:

The dealer reads the question, and players secretly combine some of their answer cards to form ridiculous answers to the question.


Step 3:

The dealer then draws a Rule, which provides some absurd instructions for that round. Everyone reads their answers out loud while keeping the Rule in mind. Cue laughter.


Step 4:

That’s it.

What makes this game special?

Reason #: You Make The Jokes!

All the cards in Cheer Up! are written for you, but in this game you get to take credit for your creative jokes. The cards start you off with some helpful puzzle pieces and your job is to put all the pieces together. Sometimes this will result in crazy nonsense. But, when paired with the right card, a benign word can skyrocket to extreme ridiculousness, and you get to own it, baby.

Reason #2: You Make The Rules!

Every round has a completely different party rule that no one knows about until the dealer draws it. Maybe you’ll have to speak in accents, talk with your tongue out or swap cards with other players. Guaranteed to catch you off guard! (Don’t worry, it doesn’t get too weird.)

Reason #3: Anyone Can Play!

Cheer Up! was built with universal appeal in mind - the game has very few pop culture or political references, slang terms, meta jokes, or proper nouns. We want to make sure everyone has the best chance of laughing at all times. There should never be a time when you don't "get it."

Reason #4: Quick but long-lasting

Break the ice, or create some new inside jokes with timeless friends in minutes. (Plus, the game comes with the Not Safe For Grandma expansion pack to play with your closest friends.) Cheer Up! is fully modular: take out the dirtiest rules and play with the cool Aunts if you want or even turn it into a kid’s game (not recommended, but you do you)!

Reason #5: Never Gets Old

Other party games get stale after the 10th time, but Cheer Up! never gets old! Even though answer cards are recycled, it's the combination of the answers, plus the question, plus the rule that changes the context completely. In fact, you may never play the same combos again. So no two games will ever be the same. Trust us, we literally did the math.


Check out the links below to get the game on Amazon, on our web store, or even download (almost) the entire game for free! We know you’ll be back.